Two Sales Styles You Can Use and How Best To Learn Them

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Written by Ryan Tuckwood

There’s lot of different styles of sales training in Brisbane around in the industry, to reflect the different styles you can use. Our team has completed multiple different sales training programs to experience the variety that there is on offer and better teach you a range of styles that will help you in your career.

It depends on what you prefer and what styles of learning you like. After all, “The only thing that cannot ever be taken away from you is the knowledge that you have”. So find the style that suits you! The style that suits me is not going to suit everybody.

As for sales styles, there are a couple in particular that we’ve identified.


Consultative Selling

This style works on a process of guided discovery, and asks really effective, big picture questions to get the customer to self-analyze, become self-aware and find their own ‘Why’. You might ask “What is the what, the how, the who and the when that connects to why you’re wanting to do this?” 

It’s broken down into PSQ: 




This method spends up to 85% of the consulting time genuinely trying to get deep down into the root cause of people’s problems. In many cases, people won’t even realise they have a problem, which is where skilled questioning comes in. To be effective at this method, you’ve got to be able to open them up, always giving something to get something.

Once you have your customer’s problem, offer a solution based around those problems. If your solution doesn’t suit their problem, shake their hand, wish them all the best and send them to somebody else that can solve the problem. This is where the SWISH mentality of our online sales training comes in. Selling with integrity, selling honestly.

And then we finish with the Q, which is the question, “So based around everything we’ve discussed today, the fact that you’re struggling with this, and we have the answers here, why don’t we get you started today and start seeing results?”


Authoritative Selling

While this style completes a consultation as well, the difference is in the emphasis and tone. Take the time to analyze your client – their wants, needs, fears, and desires. Once the presentation starts and the first feature and first benefits are revealed, the intention is to never allow your client to use more than one word. And ideally, that word will just be, “Yes”. 

This method is very assumptive and uses a lot of authority. When using this style, you need to dominate the conversation with high levels of control – so it’s not for every sales person or every situation. 

Of course, there are a magnitude of other ways to be able to conduct sales passively, submissively, through shadow selling, through story-based or third party reference selling, a lot of which is covered in our ethical digital sales training or virtual HIIT sessions.

To become a highly effective salesperson and master your craft, it pays to have a variety of sales styles in your arsenal. POSE theory, meaning the Price, the Outcome, the Service or the Efficiency, says to us that there will be four major motivators for any consumer to take action. 

Until you understand where a customer falls on POSE, it can be difficult to know how to sell to people. The trick of going from a million dollars a year to over a hundred million dollars in sales is to stop making people buy the way that you sell. Start to sell to people the way that they prefer to buy.


So What Type Of Training Is The Best Way To Learn Sales?

Again, everybody’s different, however, there are generally three categories of learning – you’re kinesthetic, you’re audio, or you’re visual. That’s why we’ve created a range of sales training methods, to assist those who learn in different ways. 

For example, our SWISH Online Sales Academy is great for those who learn through repetition. With repetition builds familiarity, with familiarity comes my confidence. It’s also great for anyone who gets nervous with the idea of being shadowed, even if it is by an expert. Having someone sitting with them or listening to their phone calls is not the way they learn best.

So those people can log into their digital training and watch the same training module that they’ve been taught that day and get a better result because they’re relaxed and comfortable.

The virtual HIIT sessions we provide over Zoom can be better for those who enjoy practical-based learning, or who find they’re better at seeing something than hearing something. Having that safety net of being there with somebody, seeing them get the results and then try to replicate that with on-the-spot coaching can be really effective for a lot of people.

The SWISH Sales Method of training, and the negotiation ladder that underpins it, is 100% original. It was custom designed and it’s fundamentally a hybrid version of all other sales training methodology that exists, meaning that you’ll learn a wide range of ethical sales styles no matter what learning method you choose.

The key takeaway is “Always go to bed more educated than when you woke up”. So take action, and make a start today.

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