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Increased Client RetentionReduced Sales Cycles

HY Accouting is a family owned Accounting Practice that was established by my father over 20 years ago. After his passing I decided to take over the business as CEO and build upon his legacy.

We help our clients solve 3 main problems.

  1. How do I protect my business and my financial affairs?
  2. How do I optimise my tax situation?
  3. How do I build a successful business that leaves a positive legacy to my family and my community?
    Debits, credits and tax are only the beginning of what we do at HY Accounting.

I’m driven to be the best version of myself and although I considered myself an effective communicator, I always want to be better. After listening to a presentation by SWISH Co-Founder Jack I was convinced that this organisation was going to further improve my communication and sales skills, and I wasn’t wrong

I’m a member of the SWISH Academy and more recently I have been doing some 1-1 work with a truly amazing individual Chris Blackburn. Working in a 1-1 environment whilst also having access to ondemand learning is quite powerful as they work hand in hand to enforce the learnings.

There is always room for improvement, in particular: – building excitement around our service – identifying buying signs – effective discovery – overcoming objections – improving conversion rates – creating an amazing buying experience

I am a big believer of NLP and perhaps the best part of the SWISH training is that embedded throughout the process is NLP.

Increased revenue, reduced sales cycles, ability to overcome objections, convert more leads to sales

Because I’ve broken down the sales process and sales cycle in my business into the different stages I now have different scripts and frameworks to handle each stage and customer type. I am more confident in my process because the knowledge is based on NLP techniques which is an extremely powerful tool in consumer psychology. Overall I feel even better about the sales process in my business because I have the team there that will support me in my ongoing growth.

Sales training and coaching founded on NLP. There is nobody out there in the market that blends this in the same way that SWISH do

Everyone. I believe there is value for every individual, whether in business or not. A lot of the skills you will develop will directly impact how you communicate.

100%. It’s a great organisation that is extremely supportive and I know my sales skills are improving with each session and each training video

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