Mandy Spooner

Viva Health

Reduced Sales CyclesIncreased Client Retention

At Viva Health we provide the most incredible drinking water through a Japanese Ionising Machine. I am the Chief Lead Generator (and lots of other things!)

I’m a legend at generating leads, Chief Lead Generator! however I wasn’t a legend at closing the sale. I knew I needed help in that area and one Friday afternoon Dale from ISR Training called me to see if I needed their services.

Swish Academy, (signed for a 2nd year) and I did the 14 Day Challenge too.

As mentioned above, I’m a legend at generating leads, Chief Lead Generator! however I wasn’t a legend at closing the sale! In the lead up to ISR calling me, I was at my lowest, I’m a very bright and positive person however I was very frustrated and so down on myself for having so many leads and no sales. I was so so close to quitting, after speaking with Chris, I signed within the week and I have NEVER looked back. Best thing I ever did!

So many! Discovery. Tonality. Features and Benefits. Daily Structure. 3rd Party Stories. Joint Ventures. Objection Handling. And the list goes on……

Increased revenue: From 2 sales in 2019 to 10 so far in 2020! My sales cycle is an average 3-4 months from initial conversation to sale. Increased Customer Satisfaction, Reduced Sales Cycles. Ability to Overcome Objections: YES! I’m so much more confident with objections. Convert more leads to sales. Gernerate more revenue. I feel so much more confident.

Its flowing so much better. I am more confident. I feel I have a process instead of ‘winging’ it and if I ever have a question or need some help I jump in the Academy and there is always something in there to help me so I never feel alone.

I hadn’t researched any other solutions, I knew I needed help but I didn’t know where to start. When ISR Training contacted me I instantly like Dale and he suggested I watched the Shark Tank clip, I chatted to Chris who again I instantly liked!

Anyone in business, we are all selling ourselves, a product or service. I find ISR aren’t just a sales organisation, they are a support network too!

YES, it’s been worth every dollar and I actually did ask Chris why it’s such a reasonable cost! I am so much more confident, I have structure and flow in my business

A BIG THANK YOU to all at ISR, your service is one of the best I’ve received in many, many years.

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