Ariana Taulepa

Head of Administration

Ariana Taulepa

ABOUT Ariana Taulepa

Meet our Head of Administration Ariana Taulepa. Ariana initially sparked our interest with her six years experience of administration at such a young age, although truly blew us away with her ability to manage extensive work experiences whilst boasting a Diploma in Business and Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

Ariana is currently undertaking a Master of Medical Research in the area of cancer immunology.

If all of that doesn’t sound busy enough, Ariana is an Australian UN facility and runs programs & activities around the country designed to educate and empower young Australians.

Ariana’s dream is to be the Director General of the World Health Organisation. Although, when she’s not busy working and studying, you can find her weekends spent at the beach, church, playing basketball or beating her friends and family in boardgames.


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