Lorna Ryan

Customer Success Manager

Lorna Staff Photo

ABOUT Lorna Ryan

Born in England, her adventurous heart called her to Australia in 2003.

Her SWISH story started with the SWISH 14 day Challenge.

Standing out for her enthusiasm and passion to continually learn, Lorna wow’d the team with donuts and her appearance on a live session with Ryan. After going on to win a SWISH Academy membership, she’d found her tribe. Staying recent and frequent, while embracing the message of Selling With Integrity, Selling Honestly, Lorna joined the team 12 months later.

Lorna brings over 18 years of diverse experience, from award winning Graphic Designer to Account Manager within the IT Industry, she has experience managing wholesale and B2B accounts, across Australia and the UK. With a genuine interest in people, Lorna is client minded and customer focused.

Having established her forever home on the southern Gold Coast, Lorna takes every opportunity to be outdoors, mainly at the beach, with her husband and daughter. She loves to surf, and has stories to tell from Indonesia to the Maldives, to WA.

In her spare time, you’ll find her playing the Ukulele, singing in the infamous Virtual Choir 6, or undertaking renovations around the home.


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