Navdeep Singh

Growth Specialist

Navdeep Singh

ABOUT Navdeep Singh

Navdeep is a SWISH success story.

Navdeep first came into the SWISH eye as a client, as although his passion for speaking on school mental health was abundant, he understood that he needed training on how to get people to ‘buy in’ to his mission and services.

Fast forward to today utilising the skills he acquired through the SWISH methodology, Navdeep has now spoken and served 26,000 people in nearly 10 countries.

Although with his unrivaled positivity and keen willingness to get the job done, we just couldn’t let him go. Now a vital role in the SWISH team, Navdeep is Growth Specialist at SWISH and is excited to help others like himself with a passion to get their product and service communicated more effectively.

Why? Because it’s hard to make a difference when you’re the world’s best-kept secret.

Previously, prior to his current role, Navdeep ran a charity that served special needs children and the elderly. He has also been named as Social Changemaker of the Year, Future Shaper of Australia and has shared the stage with Google and Tesla (no big deal!!).

When Navdeep’s not changing the world, he’s enjoying salsa dancing or swimming in the ocean.


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