Corporate Vs Individual Sales Coaching – Which Is Better?

Corporate Vs Individual Coaching

Author: Ryan Tuckwood

When you compare corporate coaching vs individual coaching, which is better? 

Corporate coaching starts on a grander scale where you start to teach conceptual sales within the business. Only then can you start to tailor the specific training programs down to an individual. So at SWISH Sales Coaching, we start with getting to know the teams. Then we would look to break that big group down into smaller groups, pairs and then individuals. From there we can really work specifically on what you need to work on. 

There’s no denying that looking to educate a magnitude of people at the same time is always going to be slightly different because it tends to be more generic and more conceptual. When we’re going into a corporate environment, what we really are teaching is business, that is, sales dynamics in its entirety. 

Of course, we’ll always personalise corporate training back to that business, their product or service.

However, the reality is I can’t make it just about Joe or just about Jan or just about Bob because at this stage, I need to give everybody the information in one phrase and/or in one session.

Another approach is to go individual, group/conceptual back to individual. First of all, before you ever try and educate anybody, you need to know who they are as a person. Generally, our first hour to hour and a half (depending on the size of your organisation), we’ll just get to know you. We’ll break the ice. We’ll find out a little bit about what your biggest phobia is, what your number one goal in life is, what your proudest achievement is, what you want to get out of our training and also why you love the business that you work for.

As part of this, we get our clients to fill out a ‘Business Diagnostic’ form prior to starting their corporate training. This gives us better knowledge on the specific areas where clients believe they and their team need sales training.

Once we’ve understood you as people, now we’ll spend the next approximately eight hours, in as large a group as possible, distributing conceptual sales information. Then, we begin to work those groups down to little groups of two, three, four and we start to run more workshop style training. Here we’ll focus on an individual subject, like building rapport, handling objections, how to deliver a presentation, features and benefits, logic and motion, whatever you need.

And then finally, we’ll encapsulate the remainder of our program around one-to-one training. That will be more practical. We will literally sit with you on phone calls. We will either grab recordings of calls or, alternatively, do a role-based call with you and then we’ll take your presentation, dissect it, break it down, build it back up, focus on what you’re doing well and, ultimately, decide on what are the things that you need to change or improve within that.

 Corporate coaching, corporate training is something we really specialize in, so it’s hard to say which is better, because it really depends on your needs. Obviously corporate training is great for getting a wider range of skills to a bigger group of people, but individual training is better for really honing areas that you feel you might be weaker in.

No matter which method you choose, you’ll still have access to the SWISH online library of resources. Having our digital training program and the liquid library means that on any day at any time, you can walk your team through any challenge that they’re facing. You have the ability to go on, watch the appropriate videos, complete the kinesthetic assessment tools and feel more armed and equipped to be able to go and deal with that challenge next time it arises.

To learn more about how we can assist you with your sales techniques in either a corporate or individual setting so that you can take your sales efforts to the next level, read about our proven sales training, sales coaching, and sales courses.  No matter if you are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast or anywhere in the world, we provide innovative and ethical sales training through our online courses or virtual training.

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