The SWISH mastermind
(VIRTUAL) - 5hrs

Who is it for?

  • Anyone looking to dip their toe into the SWISH Methodology
  • Salespeople, Sales Teams, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners looking to generate repeat and referral clients
  • Any professional who wishes to acquire new skills, compound or enhance existing knowledge and most importantly increase income through ethical sales practices.
  • Individual sales staff looking to increase sales revenue and earn more commissions.
  • Start-Up business owners looking to increase sales revenue & sales calibre.
  • Business development managers struggling with common objections such as; “I don’t have time”, “I can’t afford it”, “Can I think about it?”.
  • Sales managers looking to train and motivate their team to perform at the highest levels at all times.
  • People looking for a change in career who want to break into the sales industry.
Investment ONLY$997
Now delivered digitally via Zoom!

About this training

Half day of intense & highly practical sales training delivered by SWISH Sales Coaching CEO, Ryan Tuckwood to generate repeat and referral clients.


Primary inclusions

  • Delivered by our founder & CEO Ryan Tuckwood & guest SWISH accredited coaches
  • COVID-19 Safe. Delivered Digitally via Zoom from 9am-2pm each training day [five hours].
  • The perfect training to dip your toe in SWISH waters
  • Includes customisable digital workbooks, Q&A, Access to the SWISH Movement Facebook Group & unlimited networking opportunities

What does the course cover?

The 10-Step Process to Creating Clients for Life – The Negotiation Ladder

Preparation – We’ll show you how to prepare for any sales interaction, both mentally & literally.

Introduction – Is about mastering the art of making that winning first impression, so you never miss an opportunity again.

Framing – We’ll show you the 4-step process to frame any conversation so you remove confusion and set yourself up for success immediately.

Discovery – Here you’ll learn about primary/secondary & tertiary questioning and be provided with 10 winning discovery questions.

Justify & Present – Find out how to transition to your presentation, stay in control, language to use & remove, pricing tips and how to package your offer.

Trial Close – Let us share with you the most comfortable ways to gauge how hot they are and likelihood they will move forward.

Negotiate & follow Up – Here we will show you the 4-step process to overcome any objection and how to elegantly follow up with value (we have 30 ways to follow up).

Value Exchange – ‘Closing’ for many of you. How to ask for the business and complete the transaction with confidence.

WOW – We’ll share our top 5 tips on how to WOW before, during & after the sale to ensure you create raving fans for life.

Repeat & Referral business – Allow us to share with you the No1, sure-fire way to get referrals, testimonials and loyal clients with 1 simple process change.

Naturally, as this is an interactive event, content will be fluid and you’ll have the ability to ask questions live throughout, meaning it will become a truly tailored event for you.


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  • February 2, 2021
  • April 13, 2021
  • July 7, 2021
  • September 30, 2021
All sessions are from 9am – 2pm AEST (QLD)

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What are the main benefits?

Learn how to implement skills in your day to day and become a world-class negotiator and communicator. Where we differ significantly to other training, is that the pure focus is on increasing revenue by creating more authentic, relationship driven sales professionals by covering all aspects of the sales persons mind and buyers behaviours.

Compounding that, the very few direct comparisons in the market for sales training programs, are often very cliché and are built out of pushy, relentless sales techniques that are very outdated and not relevant to today’s consumer or the market in its entirety, in the digital age in which we find ourselves.

Learning directly from the founder of SWISH, Ryan who has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years into mastering the true art & science behind buying behaviours.

So, if you think that salespeople are pushy, money hungry, do not listen to their consumers and rarely take no for an answer, then you can appreciate why educating yourself or your team to be the same will serve no long-term benefit to personal or professional growth for you or your organisation.

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