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After coaching over 7,300 businesses & individuals all over the world now, time and time again, there is a theme with some fundamental errors.

Sometimes they are tiny one-percenters that you may not even realise you’re doing, others are like a sledgehammer coming down on the rapport and relationship you were so close to building.

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The SWISH Movement is out to change the perception of sales around the world.

This group is about bringing together like-minded individuals who genuinely want to do right by their customers, to consult, guide and most importantly INSPIRE people to take action for their own benefit, not just to make a commission.

Inside, you'll get access to:

FREE eBook 'Top 10 Sales and Communication Mistakes' (13 page document)
Weekly training videos
A community of like-minded professionals
Multiple value posts each week covering mind-set, goat setting, negotiation and objection handling, closing and sales strategies
And a whole lot more!

Customer Testimonials

“I’m so glad I joined. Looking back now I’m grateful that I did what I did. I’m more confident in what I do now and our business is growing!”

“I felt I actually got a lot of life skills that I can use, as well as things I can bring to my everyday work life.”

“Honestly, I got so much more value than I could have ever expected.”

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Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards
Young Entrepreneurs Winner
Telstra Australian Business Awards
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