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Introducing Ryan Tuckwood & Jack Corbett From SWISH Sales Coaching

SWISH Sales Coaching would not be the company it is today without Ryan Tuckwood & Jack Corbett. These award-winning young entrepreneurs revolutionised sales coaching with their innovative and ethical sales techniques, HIIT sales training and more.

Sales COACHING With a Difference

Formerly ISR Training, SWISH Sales Coaching is a sales training organisation with a difference. With the help of our founders, Ryan Tuckwood & Jack Corbett, SWISH Sales Coaching has revolutionised the way that sales teams across the globe conduct their business. We offer a fresh new, ethical approach to sales rather than info that’s been copied from some old-fashioned conference room meetings and sales courses.

Our SWISH Sales Academy brings multimedia content to a wide audience while also providing access to all kinds of training methods. While we do offer in-person sessions, our focus is on becoming the best ethical online sales training worldwide with our SWISH Online Sales Academy and virtual HIIT intensive sales coaching sessions with one of our experts.

This fresh, dynamic approach to sales training has led to multiple awards and lots of hype about our growing company.

The SWISH approach
The SWISH method
stands for the following: Selling With Integrity and Selling Honestly.

Ethical selling is a big part of what we do here at SWISH Sales Coaching. This is a new, modern approach that encourages our trainees to adjust their mindset and tactics. There is no need to take a dishonest or aggressive approach in sales.That old-fashioned concept should have died back in the 1980s. We aren’t all living in The Wolf of Wall Street. Instead, we show that you don’t ever have to bully or manipulate people into making sales. Our sales techniques are more pleasant, respectable and they get results.

In fact, this steadfast decision to commit to ethical selling has led to steady growth for SWISH Sales Coaching and the companies we work with. We’ve grown 100% year on year since we began in business, and that number shows no sign of slowing down, especially now that the SWISH Sales Academy and HIIT sessions are offered online. The companies using our ethical SWISH approach and sales techniques can – on average – see increased conversions of 41% in just 90 days.


SWISH Sales Coaching

Now, in our 6th year, we continue to develop and stay hungry for both the success of our clients and ourselves. The aim was always to disrupt the market and offer a fresh approach via ethical and holistic teaching. That revolutionary concept has led the company to where it is today and earning backing from 3 of the main investors on Shark Tank AU.

SWISH Sales Coaching team then went on to be named as one of the 100 coolest companies to work for by Anthill Magazine. Today, SWISH Academy users can enjoy a vast selection of sales courses with 24/7 365 day access.

Of course, it all helps that the company has also had the backing of some of the biggest sharks in the Shark Tank. Our company’s founders appeared on the hit show to try and get the backing of a Shark and build the brand’s reputation. The result was not one but three of the sharks investing into the mission. Dr. Glen Richards, Steve Baxter and Andrew Banks all provided their backing and joined the SWISH Movement in March 2018. 

Their influence has had a monumental impact helping us reach more clients than ever before and impact more industries at the same time and their input can only strengthen this company moving forward.

Our Founders

This dynamic new company wouldn’t be what it is today without the skill of Ryan Tuckwood and Jack Corbett

Neither Ryan nor Jack are strangers to success in the business world. Both have had the honour of being in the prestigious list of Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs in the Gold Coast for 2016 and 2017. They may have come from different backgrounds. But, there is no doubt that these young men were meant to work together to guide Australian sales teams with the best sales training strategies.

Ryan Tuckwood formed SWISH Sales Coaching with Jack in 2014 following a shared desire to work with other young adults in the Gold Coast area. SWISH originally had a recruitment division for that purpose and helped to place 3,500 young locals in employment. Eventually, they began to focus on the ethical sales training and that SWISH approach.

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