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The SWISH Show

The SWISH Show with Ryan Tuckwood talks everything Sales, Business & Life. Ryan is 1 half of the shark tank victors at ISR Training. ISR is a multi-award- winning sales coaching organisation. SWISH is ISR Training’s acronym for Selling with Integrity and Selling Honestly.

On this podcast, Ryan will be cherry-picking some of the world’s most renowned educators, speakers, and motivators and reeling them into one show.

All podcasts will be extremely informal, highly engaging and, will cover the fruitful topics of Sales, Business & Life. Our intention is to funnel the world’s most incredible minds into one show. So every single time you switch on this podcast you will be simultaneously entertained and educated.

Steps to Success: An interview with Ryan Tuckwood

This podcast originally appeared on the Body Science podcast (May, 2021).

Greg Murphy from Body Science sits down with the humble Ryan Tuckwood (SWISH Sales Coaching founder) to understand what it takes to become a multi-award winning and highly sought-after sales coach.

The interview covers Ryan’s story of hitting rock bottom and sleeping on his bathroom floor with 31 cents to his name to owning a successful sales training and business coaching company, and being featured in the highly renowned Shark Tank series.

Ryan became obsessed with learning the art of sales and now dedicates his life to showing sales professionals, entrepreneurs & business owners a more ethical, authentic and relationship-based approach to selling.

The art of sales with Chairman of 7th Level, Jeremy Miner

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chewing the sales fat with Jeremy Miner, Chairman of 7th Level, a Global Sales Training company headquartered in Sydney, Australia.
The Direct Selling Association has recognised Jeremy as the #45th highest-earning producer out of more than 100 million salespeople, selling anything worldwide, during his 17-year sales career.
His particular brand of sales training pioneers the unique use of behavioural science and human psychology within the sales process, which aligns perfectly with our SWISH beliefs and is reflective of his studies in the subject from Utah Valley University.
He’s been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Inc, Entrepreneur magazine, Thrive Global, Yahoo Finance, Disrupt magazine and a host of other publications.
We discuss:

  • The art & craft of sales
  • The old sales ‘gurus’
  • NEPQ, his style of selling
  • The common sales mistakes people often make and a whole lot more

The stigma of mental health in sports, and new business ‘The I in Team’ with Darius Boyd

Ryan speaks with Darius Boyd, former professional athlete of 15 years playing at the highest level of the NRL, with Brisbane Broncos and the QLD maroons amongst others.
Ryan & Darius discuss:

  • His journey of being raised by his mum, his dream of playing rugby league and the doubts along the way.
  • Darius’ well-publicised break from the game, when he sought help for his mental health.
  • The pressure of playing at the highest level and why he doesn’t watch the games on TV.
  • The stigma of mental health in the game and why it needs to change.
  • His new business ’The I in Team’ and how he’s helping businesses and sporting teams to raise their awareness around mental health, so others don’t go through what he did.

Apprentice UK winner, Mark Wright, on communication skills, personal brand, and more

In episode 30 of The SWISH Show podcast, Ryan is joined by The Apprentice UK winner, Mark Wright. Mark is also an award-winning, influential entrepreneur and self-taught digital marketing specialist.

Mark founded one of the UK’s fastest growing digital marketing agencies, Climb Online. They’re known for their disruptive approach to digital marketing, working with household brands to scale growth and generate profit.

In this episode, Mark chats to Ryan about his journey from Australia to the UK, how door knocking set him up for life, the importance of personal brand, why communication skills are the most important that you’ll ever attain, how to manage people at scale and much more.

Theodore Vairaktaris Interview | From Humble Beginnings to Industry Icons: An Inside Look

If you want to build an empire from nothing, we’d strongly suggest listening to today’s podcast with The Usher Group Founder Theodore Vairaktaris & Ryan Tuckwood.

From humble beginnings in 2001, Theo has grown to be the largest commercial painter in QLD with over 500 employees & has evolved into one of the most recognised commercial applicators in the industry.

In this 45 minute episode, Theo heavily discusses the importance of team culture and alignment in order to succeed and scale. He reveals tips on personal development, managing business life, goal setting, and the importance of staff feedback.

Theo & Ryan also get spiritual in discussing how you can manage the energy of yourself & the people around you, how to differentiate personal and professional fulfillment, and how meditation assists Theo in juggling so many tasks.

Cash Flow, Scaling & Stock Market Psychology with Anna Samios

Become a cash flow King or Queen! If you want to understand cash flow, forecasting business profit & loss, and the stock market, this is for you. We’re extremely excited to announce today’s podcast guest, Anna Samios!

Anna Samios is an experienced, external Board Adviser and leadership team facilitator to high-growth, small and medium-sized companies who are driven by excellence and wish to build capability and manage growth using a proven strategic execution framework. She is also the only female, Certified Rockefeller Habits & Scaling Up Coach in Australia.

Throughout this 48 minute episode, Anna & Ryan will discuss the importance of cash flow, mistakes, and tips on forecasting your cash flow, the psychology of the stock market & what you should implement in your business to scale up.

“Running a business is like playing an instrument. It takes discipline, focus, and a lot of practice to master.”

Selling with Integrity | Live podcast with Ryan Tuckwood & Calvin Coyles

In today’s episode, Ryan Tuckwood takes the stage live for the Kim Barrett Show in Byron Bay, with of course Kim Barrett & special guest Calvin Coyles.

This one-hour of action-packed conversation will discuss mistakes salespeople make, closing strategies, how to price & pitch your proposal, and how important it is to track your numbers.

Kim is an award-winning digital marketer, author, and international speaker with 17+ years of marketing and advertising experience under his belt. Kim is passionate about growing businesses!

Calvin Coyles is the CEO of WILD SUCCESS and Founder of WILD, Australia’s #1 Personal Growth company with more than 130,000 clients in 74 countries

Everything Property & Sales | Guest appearance with Hayden Ashton & Tom Egan

To kick off 2021 with some extremely high-value content from when Ryan was on the other end of the microphone.

In today’s episode Ryan is a guest on the ‘Everything Property’ by Pivotal Homes with Hayden Ashton & Tom Egan.

Everything Property aims to connect Australia’s best developers, agents, home buyer specialists, wealth creation experts and property advisors to the people of Australia.

On this episode, Ryan, Hayden & Tom discuss Ryan’s story from failing in sales to over $350,000 in comms, the importance of integrating social media into your day-to-day sales life, and an overview of sales skills that will take you to the next level.

Ryan Tuckwood | 2020 Wrap Up & Preparing for a Ground Breaking 2021

As the final weeks of 2020 near, we thought we would bring you a special 2020 wrap up episode with SWISH Founder & CEO Ryan Tuckwood.

Throughout this episode, Ryan will reveal how you can wrap up the year strong in regards to pipeline & prospecting, whilst planting seeds to set yourself up for a prosperous year in 2021.

Ryan Tuckwood is 1 half of the shark tank victors at SWISH Sales Coaching. SWISH Sales Coaching is a multi-award- winning sales coaching organisation based on the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia and they now train people across 5 continents with their online SWISH Sales Academy. Ryan openly admits he was once a reluctant, failing sales professional, struggling initially, and even sleeping on a bathroom floor at one stage with just 31 cents to his name. He has now coached over 6,500 businesses & individuals globally, showing his clients how to close over $1billion dollars in new sales revenue in the last few years alone.

SWISH Summit Series with Jack Corbett | The Psychology of the Modern Day Consumer

Presenting the SWISH Summit series. After lining up Australian business icons & Shark Tank Investors Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards & Steve Baxter, as well as Scaling Up Coach Anna Samios in October, we were joined by hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs & salespeople for the first-ever, highly successful SWISH Summit.

Over the next three weeks we’ve brought you some of our guest speakers from the nine-hour day, and today is no different. Today you’ll be joined with a 45-minute keynote and 15 minute live Q&A with SWISH co-founder & renowned entrepreneur Jack Corbett.

Jack Corbett is regarded as one of Australia’s most successful and talented young entrepreneurs and public speakers, having owned multiple businesses, from his roots of growing up in the largest housing commission in the UK, Jack has since enjoyed huge success at a young age.

Jack is renowned for his ability to teach highly practical tips and tricks you can begin applying yourself and with your team instantly, and he does not disappoint today.

Key takeaways include:

  • How sales can allow you to ‘recession’ proof yourself and your business
  • How we are the ‘Consumer Generation’
  • Middle offering syndrome and why you should always offer at least two options
  • Semi-Closed Questioning

SWISH Summit Series with Dr. Glen Richards | Chaos To Exponential Growth

Presenting the SWISH Summit series. After lining up Australian business icons & Shark Tank Investors Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards & Steve Baxter, as well as Scaling Up Coach Anna Samios in October, we were joined by hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs & salespeople for the first-ever, highly successful SWISH Summit.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some of our highlights from the nine-hour day. Today you’ll be joined by a 45-minute keynote & 15 minute Q&A with Dr. Glen Richards.

Dr. Glen Richards is the founding Managing Director of Greencross, the largest pet care company in Australia. Glen grew the Greencross empire from a single veterinary practice in Townsville into an ASX-listed company with clinics all over Australia. He is also internationally renowned for his appearance as an investor on Australia’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank.

Glen’s keynote provides an extremely informational journey through Glen’s experience both personally and professionally.

Key takeaways include:

  • Glen’s personal and professional growth
  • Succession planning through your staff & customer experience
  • How to turn your sole-trader into an empire
  • Why most great ideas react from an industry roadblock
  • Where most people go to secure investments (Friends, Family & Fools)

SWISH Summit Series with Anna Samios | Understanding your Cash Runway

Presenting the SWISH Summit series. After lining up Australian business icons & Shark Tank Investors Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards & Steve Baxter, as well as Scaling Up Coach Anna Samios in October, we were joined by hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs & salespeople for the first-ever, highly successful SWISH Summit.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some of our highlights from the nine hour day. Today you’ll be joined by a 45 minute keynote & 15 minute Q&A with Anna Samios.

Anna Samios is an experienced, external Board Adviser and leadership team facilitator to high growth, small and medium sized companies who are driven by excellence and wish to build capability and manage growth using a proven strategic execution framework. She is also the only female, Certified Rockefeller Habits & Scaling Up Coach in Australia.

Throughout Anna’s highly practical keynote, she identifies the four core factors you need to scale your business to succeed. These four fundamentals will act as a checklist for you and your business to action tomorrow.

Key takeaways include

  • About Anna Samios & her experience
  • The four core factors you need for scaling & success:
  • Leadership Development: Growing Leaders in your team who have the ability to predict & delegate
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Lack of systems & structure
  • Effective Marketing: Failure to scale up through effective marketing strategy and functions

SWISH Summit with Andrew Banks | Common Attributes of Success Companies

To celebrate the 20th episode of The SWISH Show, we’re dropping insane value… Presenting the SWISH Summit series.

After lining up Australian business icons & Shark Tank Investors Andrew Banks, Dr. Glen Richards & Steve Baxter, as well as Scaling Up Coach Anna Samios in October, we were joined by hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs & salespeople for the first-ever, highly successful SWISH Summit.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some of our highlights from the nine hour day. Today you’ll be joined with a fifty-five minute live Q&A with Andrew Banks.

Andrew is one of Australia’s most respected business leaders in the global human resources and recruitment industry. Andrew Banks spent three years with TMP in New York as Global Director responsible for over 30 acquisitions, and 4,500 staff operating in 32 countries around the world.

He is also internationally renowned for his appearance as an investor on Australia’s Hit TV Show, Shark Tank.

In Andrew’s presentation, he joins Ryan Tuckwood for one hour of highly engaging and highly practical Q&A.

Key takeaways include:

– Choosing the right business partner (and whether you should have one)

– The importance of getting the right people in your organisation and what to look out for when recruiting

– Negativity is contagious

– Why self-education will project you and your team

Jim Penman Interview | $24 to the #1 Franchise in Australia & best known in the world.

Do you have $24 in your bank account?

Jim Penman started a part-time gardening business while earning his PhD in history at Latrobe University. He launched a full-time mowing business in 1982 with JUST a $24 investment.

Starting by selling lawn mowing rounds, but 1989 Jim franchised his business and since then, Jim’s Mowing has become the largest franchise chain in Australia and the largest & best-known lawn mowing business in the world.

Jim’s Cleaning was launched in 1994, followed by more than 50 other divisions which now operate in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Jim’s Group now has over 3,800 Franchisees and a turnover of approximately $500 million.

In one of Ryan’s favourite podcasts, Jim reveals why people’s goals are often to small, why customer service is the key to growth & how to sell, without selling.

6th Birthday Special with Ryan Tuckwood | Presenting… SWISH Sales Coaching.

Today we bring you a special episode to commemorate the 6th birthday of ISR Training, as well as an extremely exciting announcement.

On this episode, Ryan reveals that on October 27th 2020, ISR Training is rebranding as SWISH Sales Coaching.

In this 38 minute special, Ryan is interviewed by our Head of Content & Videography Jackson Earngey as they deep dive into the journey of SWISH, including why Jack & Ryan started the company, all of the highlights, and of course the lessons.

In the last six years, Ryan & Jack went from making a business plan at a local restaurant to the first-ever paying client, to pitching some of Australia’s most renowned investors for equity and now being the #1 ethical sales coaching organisation in the world.

Thank you for being on this journey with us, we trust you’ll truly enjoy this episode.

Jeb Blount Interview | Learning to adapt, processes and why the ‘Pipe is life’

In today’s episode, we are joined with award-winning author, and one of the most sought-after and transformative speakers in the world today, Jeb Blount. Jeb is the bestselling author of ten books and among the world’s most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience.

Ryan & Jeb will dive straight into Jeb’s journey of sales, what he’s learnt and how you can learn from it. They will also discuss the importance of time blocking your day, why ‘the pipe’ is life and the future of learning & why we must adapt.

Jeb is known for his ability to transform organisations by optimising talent, leveraging training to cultivate a high-performance sales culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organisational design.

If you’re a business owner, educator or in any sales role, you will find tremendous value in this episode.

Sabri Suby Interview | Strategic marketing & sales with Australia’s fastest growing digital marketing agency.

Today Ryan is joined by serial entrepreneur, marketing specialist & founder of Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agency, Sabri Suby.

Sabri grew up with a single mother in Byron bay, begun busing on the streets to make money and then at an early age realised that he could make more money hustling than working an hourly rate.

Throughout this podcast, Ryan & Sabri will discuss why with your right mindset, you’ll never be employed in your life, why value marketing is the best marketing strategy you can have, and of course, the importance of keeping great culture in a growing team is fundamental to success.

Sabri Suby is the founder and head of growth at Australia’s fastest-growing full-service digital marketing agency King Kong, and author of international bestseller Sell Like Crazy.

King Kong is the 17th fastest-growing company in Australia across all industries, and has been named the fastest-growing digital marketing agency in the country by the AFR and Deloitte.

Sabri has been crowned the ‘King of consulting’ by Founder Magazine, and ‘one of the best marketers in the world’ by Mike Dillard.

Ariana Taulepa Interview | Trailblazing through emotion, passion, and purpose.

After an extremely successful first two episodes of the SWISH Staff series, today we welcome the newest SWISH Member & our Head of Administration Ariana Taulepa. Ariana initially sparked our interest boasting five years experience of administration, although she blew us away once we found out that she is not only a biomedical science graduate & medical research student but a UN Youth Australia Ambassador & volunteer who aims to educate and empower young Australians.

Throughout this extremely emotional and insightful podcast, Ryan opens up how Ariana has learned to prioritise goals and aspirations, why you make the choices you do in difficult circumstances and the importance of foundation and purpose.

Mikel Real Interview | Struggles & Sacrifice To Success

Welcome to The SWISH Show. In the next episode of the SWISH Staff series, Ryan is joined by the strong willed, loyal and highly-adaptable, ISR Training Head of Operations Mikel Real.

With an interesting story covering the start of his life in government housing in Worcester UK, Mikel takes us through his journey of adversity and how he overcame hardships such as broken homes, violence and drug addiction in order to pull himself out of a dark spiral to become the level headed, well managed and aspirational young man he is today.

With a desire to create a better life for himself here in Australia, he managed to work his way into the position of Head of Operations and Finance for ISR Training in just a few short years.

Ryan & Mikel will discuss making sacrifice to create a better lifestyle, moving to the other side of the world with no family or financial support, the journey he’s been and is still currently on in order to secure Australian Citizenship and how gratitude is an important trait in all areas of life.

Lauren Thompson Interview | Marketing, Scaling & Staying Motivated

In the first episode of the SWISH Staff series, Ryan is joined by the high-spirited, strong minded and perfectionist, our ISR Training Head of Marketing Lauren Thompson.

With a double degree in Business [Marketing and Public Relations], Lauren has been fortunate to work across some of Australia’s largest companies activating their public relations and marketing campaigns at such a young age.

With a passion for scaling Gold Coast businesses, whether SME to enterprise, through advanced marketing, communications, and public relations strategies. Lauren is also a committee member of the highly regarded YP (Young Professional) Gold Coast, which aims to motivate, inspire and connect future city leaders, with a strong focus on growing the city’s corporate culture.

Throughout this 38 minute podcast, Ryan & Lauren will discuss tips for being motivated and shortening your decision-making process, the importance of driving positive media to make and not break your business, as well as how growing up in a business-driven family changed her mentality around the ‘business world’.

Luke Foster Interview | Mental Health: Warnings, Management & Road to Recovery

This week we’ve invited Principal Psychologist Luke Foster for an extremely raw and open conversation regarding mental health.

For over eight years, Luke served as a full-time psychologist in the Australian Defence Force, and is now the Mental Health Strategy Advisor and Facilitator at ISR Training partner LIVIN.org.

Luke has the theoretical knowledge and applied insights to understand the hidden drivers of human behaviour, and today will identify the specific language to use around someone with mental health, as well as how you can detect the warning signs for mental health.

During his military career, Luke was well regarded for his ability to help commanders create more mentally healthy and productive workplaces by focusing on ways to reduce staff absenteeism and presenteeism and increase staff engagement, of which can be utilised across the professional board and at home, with your loved ones.

Throughout this extremely important and highly valuable podcast, Luke will also discuss the road to recovery from mental health, and how you can help yourself or those around you.

Jess Cameron Interview | Mindset, Communication and Optimising Team Performance

We’re changing it up today and are bringing you an extremely raw podcast that will force you to shift your mindset for optimum performance – all BS aside.

In this episode, Jess will reveal practical tips on how to communicate better with your partner, colleagues & friends, how to identify underperformance within your team, as well as how making gut choices could be the best thing to do.

Jess Cameron is the founder of ‘Real Talk Coaching’, a renowned mindset and relationship coaching company based on the Gold Coast. After previously being employed as an organisations mindset and performance coach, Jess is known for fixing the performance issues that (quote frankly) no-one else could fix.

As the name suggests, ‘Real Talk’, she has a no BS approach and uses her intuitive and trained grasp of human behaviour to help individuals overcome mental blocks in order to realise their potential.

Spencer Lodge Interview | Selling & Surviving in a Crisis

Having trained and coached thousands of people to become millionaire, we’ve got a highly-practical podcast for you today, so get ready to take notes. Internationally renowned Sales Expert, #1 Best-Selling Author and Award Winning Podcast host Spencer Lodge joins ISR Training CEO Ryan Tuckwood from United Arab Emirates to share 40 minutes of pure sales gold.

Throughout this podcast, Ryan & Spencer will discuss the pros and cons of selling in a crisis, whilst making it out alive, how Spencer started in sales and learned from the mistakes his made so you don’t have to, he will also identify the importance of mentors and the top three sales mistakes.

Brett Campbell interview | Serial Entrepreneur reveals top tips for Growth & Scaling Business

Ryan Tuckwood hosts serial entrepreneur, published Author, Global Speaker and Television Personality on Australia’s #1 Mainstream Business Channel, Brett Campbell.

In today’s episode, Brett will reveal what he does for effective decision making, scaling at mass, and discusses how it is vital to build the foundation for your business. If you’re in business, we promise you’ll take valuable tips from his experience, including what mindset you need for success.

Brett Campbell is the owner and CEO of Fit International, a global health and fitness company whose products and services have helped over 45,000 clients, and the Authority Academy, an online community for Internet marketers, coaches, speakers, and small business owners

Brett’s mission is to help over 100 million people discover, design, develop and deliver their passion and expertise to the world so they can make more money, help more people, and ultimately live a lifestyle of their design.

Brad Lea Interview | Innovation, Education and Sales

In this episode, Ryan sits down with founder & CEO of Lightspeed VT, a multi-million dollar organisation based in the US and international social icon Brad Lea. His digital platform hosts training content for the likes of Grant Cardone, Shari Levitin, PGA tour and more.

Throughout their conversation you will hear from a man that was years before his time in the online training space as he opens up to Ryan Tuckwood about all things, potential, sales and morning routines for peak performance.

Harry Singha Interview | Become a World-Class Public Speaker

If you want to increase your public speaking skills, communication confidence and the ability to deliver powerful messages to motivate, this is for you.

This week, Ryan is joined by internationally renowned & world-class professional public speaker Harry Singha who frequently shares the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, President Bill Clinton, Tony Robbins & more.

Through his proven practices, Harry Singha took Ryan from being a blubbering & shaking mess on stage, to being one of the most in-demand speakers at national events, and hosting webinars and training sessions to crowds daily.

Sam Webb Interview | Mental Health in the Workplace

In the wake of Men’s Health Week, Ryan invited ISR Training partner Livin’s Co-Founder Sam Webb for an extremely important podcast

Livin was founded on the Gold Coast in honour of Sam’s good friend Dwayne Lally, who like many others took his life after living in silence from a mental illness. Livin is all about living your life at the top and breaking the stigma of mental health by connecting, supporting, and encouraging conversations about feelings and challenges.

Sam is an internationally renowned speaker, actor, and leader who delivers his wisdom’s on mental health through overcoming life’s greatest challenge – your mind.

With one in five people experiencing a mental illness each year, the ISR Training team have seen first hand the struggles of business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals in the current environment, therefore throughout this webinar they will introduce the Livin story and provide practical steps and indicators you can use every single day to better the life and be more conscious of yourself and those around you.

Michael Lane Interview | Hour of Power

In one hour of power, Ryan Tuckwood invites Managing Director of Success Resources Michael Lane to critically examine successful business strategy, tactics to increasing sales, consumer psychology, scaling at large, and more.

Throughout this podcast, Michael Lane reveals how to scale your business in the current environment, the psychology of buying behaviours, Michael’s personal experience bringing the world’s leading names to one stage and one of the most important things you can learn, how to generate repeat and raving clients.

Michael Lane is the Managing Director of Australia’s largest and most successful events promoter Success Resources. Known as the the world’s largest provider of educational events, Success Resources are responsible for hosting guests such as Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Richard Branson, Jordan Belfort & President Bill Clinton to name a few.

Grant Cardone Interview | The Best in the Business SWISH x 10X

What happens when the CEO of the #1 Ethical Online Sales training company in the world meets with controversial marketing influencer & New York Times Best Selling author Grant Cardone to chat all things sales, business and life.

Today Ryan invites Grant Cardone onto The SWISH Show, which leads to Grant discussing how he went from hating sales to being one of the best in the business. They also discuss the importance of proximity to power, who Grant’s mentors are, the benefits of investing in sales training and his favourite closes.

Warning: This highly exclusive interview is packed with a ridiculous amount of sales bombs and Grant does not hold back on his opinion.
Grant Cardone is one of the world’s bestselling authors, sales trainer, renowned speaker, international social media influencer and real estate mogul. Living by the motto: 10X your life!

Steve Baxter Interview | Investing, technology & business

In this extremely controversial podcast, Steve Baxter does not hold back his opinion on business and technology predictions, current affairs and more.

Key Takeaways: Steve Baxter’s thoughts on how online training is revolutionising the learning landscape Tips on implementing technology and navigating crisis Inside knowledge on technology trends What do investors look out for? It’s become evident in the advanced world that technology is not only revolutionising the learning landscape, but simply making learning feasible. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or savvy business person looking to advance your knowledge in the early hours of the morning with educational programs, an executive looking to upskill through online courses or really in any sector of education in the current world, it’s become normal to acquire this through digital platforms. So, what are the predictions on how technology is advancing education in the future and how can you stay ahead of the game?

Andrew Banks Interview | How to Prepare & Recover from a crisis

One of the world’s most recognised faces in business, Shark Tank Investor, mentor, ISR Training board member Andrew Banks joins Ryan Tuckwood in this time of the COVID19 crisis and discusses how every business and individual can prepare & recover.

Throughout this conversation, Ryan & Andrew will discuss how this crisis is similar to what he’s come across in the past, innovative ideas small businesses have used that has blown his mind, mistakes his made, and most importantly, how you should not only survive but thrive in the current environment.

Andrew Banks is one of Australia’s most respected business leaders in the global human resources and recruitment industry. Andrew Banks spent three years with TMP in New York as Global Director responsible for over 30 acquisitions, and 4,500 staff operating in 32 countries around the world.

Shari Levitin Interview | Heartfelt Selling meets SWISH

After being recognized as one of the Top Ten Voices in Sales for LinkedIn, Top 35 Most Influential Women in Sales & in the Top 38 Most Dynamic Women in Sales, Ryan Tuckwood couldn’t pass the opportunity to bring Shari Levitin to the SWISH Audience.

Throughout this podcast, Ryan & Shari will identify the three types of salespeople and which one you need to be, the best way to approach corporate & enterprise companies and the key to selling on social media.

Shari Levitin began as a star sales performer in hospitality. In 1996 she founded the Shari Levitin Group to share her proven techniques. Now, she and her team are a global company operating in over 40 countries on 5 continents. The Shari Levitin Group continues to passionately inspire transformative change.

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