Lachlan Magee

Choice Energy

Increased Client RetentionReduced Sales Cycles
Choice Energy are an indpendent Energy Management and Solar provider with over 8,000 clients across Australia and New Zealand. Choice were the #2 fastest growing business on the AFR100 list in 2019. My role as Sales Director oversees our new business opportunities within our solar and renewables deparment.
COVID had a significant impact on buying behaviour, so needing to adapt to serving our clients better remotely was a factor.
We were in a solid position but knew we could always improve.
Key takeaways were on the importance of setting up the initial prospecting call to reduce sales cycles and increase conversion. The importance of mindset and tone during the sales process were also notable highlights
Increased Revenue, Reduced sales cycles, ability to overcome objections, generate more revenue
The sales team have more confidence and are experience shorter closing times for new key accountants.
It was actionable – a lot of sales training is theoretical and is run from an “academic” or “outsider” perspective. It’s very obvious that the SWISH team practice what they preach.
Any business looking to grow via new business
Yes, we saw an immediate change in results and sales practices
Communication and ease of onboarding also made this a highlight

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