Sabryna Destefani

Head of Marketing


ABOUT Sabryna Destefani

Meet Sabryna, SWISH Sales Coaching’s Head of Marketing.

A Brazilian woman who truly believes in the power of loving what you do, just like Steve Jobs. Sabryna is passionate about creating, innovating, and promoting deep relationships with clients and communities through effective communication. Her experience allows her to broaden the business’s perspectives and lead them on a transformative digital journey to expand processes not only for the client’s experience but also for the team.

Sabryna’s range of skills includes being proactive, finding solutions, being dynamic, and strategizing. These skills have been honed throughout her career, which spans more than 15 years, working with a diverse range of clients from global corporations like Chevron and Santander Group to small businesses in Australia, both in sales and customer service. Over the last four years, gained relevant experience as a digital marketing specialist, graphic designer, and business analyst.

As an enthusiastic thinker, she excels at creating digital assets including content for socials and marketing strategies. Her work is guided by a thorough understanding of business needs and an effort to exceed expectations. She thrives on challenges and is skilled at streamlining processes to improve efficiency and productivity, prioritizing sharing best practices with the team to improve their performance, and promoting general updates.

Sabryna was born in Rio de Janeiro and has been studying, traveling, and living in Australia for six years. Her love for nature and photography immersed her in the natural beauty of the country such as 20 million-year-old untouched paradises in the northern areas and so many different aspects of Australian Culture. Despite the challenges she has faced as an overseas immigrant, Sabryna has found a sense of belonging in Australia and is determined to make it her forever home as she learned that in Aussie land she has the opportunity to play big.

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