Jade Middleton

Middleton Executive

Overcome ObjectionsIncreased Revenue

I am the founder and director of Middleton Executive, a boutique talent agency dedicated to building high performing tech teams.

I wanted to create a sales process that added unrivaled value to our clients.

SWISH Academy, 14 days sales challenge, SWISH bootcamp and 1on1 coaching with Ryan.

A strong position with a good share of the market but on the cusp on huge growth.

1. Sales language

2. implemented a new sales process

3. creating a bespoke elevator pitch

  • Increased Revenue (10x on investment)

  • Ability to Overcome Objections

  • Generate more revenue

We have a great sales process which we’re getting great engagement with. I have created an entire sales toolkit to ensure my team has everything they  need to succeed.

How sincere and genuine everyone is and how committed the team is to our success – great team to work with.

Anyone new or seasoned in the sales space. Anyone looking to market their business and add massive value.

100% I’ve seen a 10x return on my investment in the first 4 weeks.

Invest in SWISH now, you won’t regret it. The only thing you’ll ask if why you didn’t you do it sooner.

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