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Lemonade Beach

Reduced Sales CyclesIncreased Client Retention
Lemonade Beach is a small accounting and business advisory firm with the goal to make business sese simple for small and medium businesses. As the director of the firm, my role is a combination of business development and service delivery.
Before working with ISR we had an ad-hoc approach to business development and sales. Sales isn’t something accountants are taught as part of the usual employment experience, despite it being common for us to be responsible for bringing on new clients and selling solutions. In my eagerness to help prospects I was giving away a lot of advice for free, I was aware of this but had no systems or tools to help me to stop and instead present the solution as part of a proposal.
I started the SWISH Academy and once I had some familiarity with the concepts, attended the Bootcamp to further consolidate and apply learnings
I was getting referrals but was leaving money on the table due to not adequately valuing the service I deliver and not knowing how to sell multiple services to deliver a full solution. I was lacking confidence in how to present services.
The ISR sales and communication training delivers a framework together with simple tools and language patterns that increased my confidence in selling. I’m now able to integrate these learnings into my business with the knowledge that I also have the academy to refer back toif needed as well as the wider ISR community.
Increased revenue: 21% in first 12 months and on track to increase a further 30% this 12 months. Convert more leads to sales. Generate more revenue.

I have tools and frameworks implemented into day to day processes. Our sales process is more systemised and streamlined and we’re presenting proposals with both a higher success rate and higher dollar values that we were previously. We’re helping clients solve more probelems that their experiencing and we’re getting paid for it now too. Overall I’m more confident with my ability to discover client’s needs, present solutions and close a sale. I’m no longer frustrated if an objection comes up as I know how to get past any objections.

It was really clear that integrityand hoensty isn’t just in the marketing but is in the people ad processes at ISR. The online academy suited me as it meant I could learn at my own pace but there was also a community through the webinars and other ISR activities.
Everyone who speaks to a client or prospect. The systems and language patterns learned aren’t only useful for people closing sales but anyone in client or customer services.
Absolutely- the investment is affordable and pays for itself in no time
The culture at ISR is amazing- every single person I’ve experienced at ISR sincrely cares about their clients and the impact their services deliver and actively wokr to ensure that every experience is a positive one.
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