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The Buckner Group

Reduced Sales CyclesIncreased Client Retention

My name is Dan Oakley, I am Strategic Account Manager at the Buckner Group. The Buckner Group is a 3rd Generation, Australian owned family business who transitioned from a print manufacturer to a market leader in the procurement of printed and branded products. I am fortunate to work with leading multinational organisations across a broad range of industries.

Sales has always been a challenging role, particularly communicating the value in the service or product being offered to the prospects and clients. I have always found cold calling to be challenging, firstly to get past the gatekeeper, then to spark enough interest  with the prospect to gain a secondary meeting. After the midway through the 14 Day Challenge, I saw a tremendous amount of value in what Ryan and his team were teaching, which motivated me to join the academy. I haven’t looked back since and have been getting great results through the training.

I initially started by joining the 14 Day Challenge and midway through the challenge saw enough value to invest in joining the academy.

With the impact of COVID19 in March 2020, our business was impacted by a 30%-40% loss in revenue which was a huge hit. Since I commenced the SWISH training I have been able to claw back 15%-20% revenue within my existing accounts and have also added new accounts to my portfolio

1. Not trying to sell / offer a product or service to a prospect until fully understanding their business and whether or not the product of service can be of value to them.

2. Goal setting was something I never really took seriously until I joined the academy and now I enjoy setting my goals and celebrating the small wins along the way to achieving them.

3. Daily structures was a huge takeaway, learning to structure my day and prioritise high pay of activities. Introducing power hours into my day has certainly made me more productive and I feel I can be more proactive than reactive, so by the end of the week, have a great sense of achievement in my accomplishments

Increased revenue: Using the SWISH methodology I have achieved a 15-20% increase in revenue during an extremely challenging year where my industry as a whole has taken a huge downturn in sales.

Converting more leads to sales: Consciously adding value to my prospects prior to any transaction, converting more leads to sales than ever before.

Generate more revenue: I have been able to generate more revenue and convert more opportunities than I previously thought possible.

Other: As well as improving my sales acumen, SWISH has also provided me with personal development training which has helped my areas grow in other areas of my life such as personal relationships, achieving goals which I didn’t think were possible, and creating a counter balance whereby I can fully focus on my career 100% when I’m at work, and focus my family 100% when I’m at home

My business is now experiencing steady growth after the economic downturn during COVID19. Many businesses within my industry haven’t been fortunate enough to survive these tough times, and I believe the SWISH training has added an extra layer of resilience within our business.

Selling ethically and selling honestly was a real stand out. I’ve never liked doing the hard sell or pushy sales tactics, and using the SWISH methodology is about creating a mutually beneficial relationship, where is always a win win for both parties.

I would recommend SWISH services to anybody in customer service, sales and leadership roles. Every time we interact with a customer, colleague, manager or prospect, we are entering into a potential  sale,  communicating the value of our ideas and thoughts so the other party can see value in our message.

Yes, I believe my investment was worthwhile, not only have I got access to the academy, my monthly one on one coaching with Rob Hawkes have been very valuable. As part of my membership I have also attended the One Day Intensive Training and loads of value packed webinars. I feel what I paid for my membership is an absolute bargain for the value I have received in return.

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