Sales Myths – Just keep talking.

Sales Myth Just Keep Talking

Written by Ryan Tuckwood

In this blog, we’re continuing on with our sales myths series, after our first blog about poor sales advice that people get in all different environments and industries around the world. The second topic in this series that we’re exploring today is “you’ve got to get through the No’s to get to the Yes’”, or, “just keep talking”.

The advice of this one is just to talk really, really quickly – as fast as you can to get all the way through your script – and then the customer will just buy, or book the appointment. 

That is ridiculous. 

Who likes being talked over? No one. 

Who likes being talked at? No one. 

Who likes having a conversation with somebody and creating a dialogue where during that dialogue you can throw your opinion in whilst respecting their opinion, and hopefully in the process you can then inspire them to come around to your way of thinking? That is how we inspire people to take action.

Then how do you deliver your whole pitch before the customer interrupts?

We’re not looking to convince, or persuade, or influence someone just by talking at them really really quickly. Slow down, don’t fear the objection and take it on board. Say things like “I appreciate it”, and “I’ve had a lot of people say that to me over the years” so that your customer knows that you’re hearing them and taking in what they’re saying. Then you can present your value proposition calmly. 

When you’re at the start of your script and you hear things like – “Listen, I’ve got no time for this”, “I don’t want to talk”, “I’m not interested!” – you could try replying with “at this stage, I’ve barely given you 5% of the information, I wouldn’t be interested either!

Don’t come in over the top of them. Go slower – control the conversation through tie-downs and transition words at the end of your sentence. Use lines like:

  • Does that make sense? 
  • Are you following me? 
  • Does that sound sensible? 

They are tie-downs and transition words are at the end of a sentence. So if I say, “yeah I’m very well actually, thanks for asking, now…”. The word now in that specific space suggests that you’re about to speak again so your customer knows to wait and let you finish. Then take a breath and deliver in a nice, composed manner instead of speaking really, really quickly. So you end up saying “I’m fantastic actually thanks for asking, NOW the reason for the call is, or the reason I’ve turned up in your office today is”. Now you’re about to tell them the reason. This puts your customers at ease as they don’t get defensive and start asking why you’ve called them. You’ve laid it all out in your opening. Tie downs and transition words are very powerful, so make sure you start incorporating them into your everyday language!

So that’s sales myth number two –  don’t talk over your prospect. Respect them and treat them as human beings. There’s no B2B. There’s no B2C. There is H2H: human to human. How would you like to be consulted to?

The SWISH methodology is all about integrity in sales and making sure you’re approaching your potential customers in the most appropriate and honest way possible. To learn more about SWISH selling to move away from the myths and bad habits of the sales industry, read about our sales training, Sales Coaching, and sales courses.  No matter if you are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or anywhere in the world, we are able to assist in providing the most innovative ethical sales training.

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