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Call backs in sales are an important part of building strong client relationships and improving your sales for long-term success. Voicemail messages should play an integral role in your overall contact strategy, along with emails, phone calls, selling on social media and more. The tricky part, however, is getting the prospect to actually return your voicemail.

 The unfortunate reality is that most prospects don’t call back, so it’s essential that you utilise every ethical sales technique you can to increase the chances of receiving a return call and closing the deal. The way to do this is to leave a voicemail message that peaks the prospect’s interest and compels them to find out more by calling you back. Skip the ‘just checking in with you’ type of messages and focus on targeted voicemails that offer relevant information and value to the person. Read on for our top tips on how to leave a good voicemail that entices prospects to take the next step and give you a call back.

Start with the Reason for Your Call

Most sales reps begin their voicemail message the same way by introducing themselves by name and the company with which they are currently employed. While this may seem like a logical introduction, it can lead to a quick delete if the prospect recognises the company name and has had bad dealings with them in the past. On the other hand, they may never have heard of your company and are not interested in listening any further.

 Instead, lead with the reason for your call followed with a short value prop aimed at getting their attention. End the voicemail with a contact number, your name and your company.

Keep it Under 30 Seconds

Nobody likes to listen to a lengthy voicemail that tries to sell to them! When you leave a long voicemail, you are likely trying to sell solutions to the customer which isn’t possible to do via a phone message. Try timing yourself beforehand by leaving yourself a voicemail. If you follow the reverse method of the first tip in this blog, it will help you to get to the point quickly so that the prospect knows exactly how the information is valuable to them.

Don’t Try to Sell

Voicemails should never try to sell to prospects or offer solutions as there simply isn’t enough time. The key is to sell the next step, not the solution. You can do this by opening with a strong value statement about how you have helped previous clients in a similar situation to them in an effort to gain their attention and earn their interest. Your voicemail should peak their curiosity and prompt them to ask how you accomplished this, resulting in a call-back to discover the answer and how it can help them in turn.

Closing Sales Techniques

Don’t Mention Past Attempts to Get in Touch

This is a sure-fire way to get your voicemail deleted. If you have contacted a prospect numerous times before and they haven’t replied, chances are they won’t be interested in hearing about your previous attempts to get in touch.

Instead, begin each new voicemail with a different reason for calling without referencing any failed attempts. Change your strategy by beginning with a stronger value statement. One of the values that you mention may click with the person and inspire them to get in touch with you. Even if they still don’t call you back immediately, your information may be relevant enough for your company name to stay in their mind for getting back to you at a later date.

Phone Sales Training

Be Unique

The best advice for leaving good voicemails is to be different. Many voicemails by sales reps tend to all sound the same and contain the same information. Prospects are likely to have heard the same type of message again and again, which turns them away from listening any further and results in a fast delete.

You can stand out from the sea of sales reps by injecting a little personality into your voicemail. We’ve already covered not starting with your name first. Another great way to gain attention is through business-appropriate humour that makes the person laugh. Always try to be enthusiastic and positive in your tone of voice and expression. You can reference some previous research you have done on the prospect and their business that prompted the call to demonstrate interest and respect. If you mess up the voicemail, making a joke about it can turn a disaster voicemail into something funny and memorable and prompt a call back! 

Learn More Tricks of the Trade with SWISH Sales Coaching

Want to learn more ways that you can leave engaging voicemails and increase your odds of a call back? Our comprehensive SWISH Academy course can help you out. As a member of the SWISH Academy, companies or individual sales reps gain 24/7 access to a liquid library containing hundreds of hours of valuable sales content to help you sell better using the latest ethical sales strategies. This includes templates, videos, webinars, live weekly sessions with SWISH senior coaches, founder sessions and much more. Learn from the best in a highly interactive online environment that you can log in from anywhere. We cover everything from voicemail and phone communication to objections, follow-ups, prospecting, daily structures and leadership skills.

 Getting call backs in sales doesn’t need to be difficult. By employing a few simple sales techniques into your message, you can leave a great voicemail that is valuable to the prospect and motivates them to pick up the phone and call you back to discuss things further. You can get started by giving SWISH Sales Coaching a call and we’ll help you to take the next steps towards sales success.

Take your sales efforts to the next level and read about our proven sales training, sales coaching, and sales courses.  No matter if you are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast or anywhere in the world, we are able to assist in providing the most innovative ethical sales training. Get started today with the SWISH Sales Academy – contact us on 07 5531 6485 or join our sales training Facebook group.

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