Top 5 Most Common Email CTA Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Email CTA Mistakes

Cold email marketing can be a highly effective marketing strategy for your business – if you do it right.  The key to success lies in a powerful CTA (Call to Action) placed at the end of your email that directs the prospect to take action and move further down your sales funnel. Unfortunately, email CTA mistakes are all too common in email marketing and result in a fast delete that sends your carefully worded email straight to the bin.

A weak CTA makes even the most brilliant sales emails worthless as it leaves prospects wondering what to do next. A strong CTA is intended to trigger an immediate response in the person who sees it and prompts them to take specific action. This may include sending a return reply or clicking through to your website to take further steps. 

Read on to discover 5 of the most common mistakes made in writing CTAs for sales emails and how you can turn it around to get the response you need.

1. You Have No CTA At All

This one is the biggest mistake! Your email can capture the interest of the prospect all the way to the end but if there is no CTA to close it with, they will be left wondering what the next step is. Most likely, this will result in them moving on to the next email and worse – deleting yours without taking any action. Always make sure that you end your sales email with a CTA that clearly directs the person to take the next step you need, even if you think you have made it obvious throughout the body of the email.

2.You Have Too Many CTAs

At the other end of the spectrum, you could be confusing or irritating your prospects by including too many CTAs. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the more CTAs you include in your email, the more likely the prospect will be to respond. In fact – this has the opposite effect on most people. The same can be said for using many different CTAs in the one email. This can be overwhelming for prospects and stop them in their tracks with choice paralysis. Simplify things by including 1-2 CTAs in the email with the most important CTA placed at the end.

3.Your CTA is Unclear

A mixed message, overly complicated or vague CTA is a strong deterrent for prospects as they won’t know what to do next. Make sure your CTA is to-the-point and specific in its instruction. If you wish for them to click a link, state this clearly in the CTA button. If you wish for them to receive a call, give them the time and the date it will take place.

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4.Your CTA is Too Difficult

If your CTA puts unnecessary pressure on prospects to make a decision, you will create friction which is the last thing you want to do when trying to convince them to purchase from you. This can happen even if someone is interested in what you are selling. Avoid any pressure by keeping your CTA simple and light in tone with a gentle (yet powerfully worded) nudge in the direction you want them to take. 

5.Your CTA is Asking for Too Much Too Soon

This is a common CTA mistake in email marketing. Cold emails are typically your first point of contact with a prospect, so you don’t want to be asking too much of them at this stage. Asking people for personal details or sensitive information needs to be avoided, as does any CTA that requires them to invest significant time or resources into doing something. Your CTA should be reasonable and offer the prospect more information on your service or product without any obligation or serious investment on their behalf.

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What Types of CTAs Are Used in Sales Emails?

An email CTA can ask a person to do many things that move them further down the sales funnel. You may be requesting a confirmation to call them at a specific time and date. You may wish for them to sign up to a free trial or to subscribe to your email to get regular updates. Other email CTAs request the person to click through to a website to view the full range of products or services. Whatever action you need prospects to take, make sure that your CTA is simple, concise and reasonable. Don’t be afraid to use some creativity to help you be unique and stand out from the sea of marketing emails that make it into someone’s inbox!

Tips to Writing a Powerful Sales Email

You can further improve your chances of a positive CTA response by incorporating these handy tips for writing a successful sales email:

1) Have a strong subject line that inspires the prospect to open it
2) Try to personalise emails wherever possible and use tailored CTAs
3) Use simple language that makes your email easy to understand
4) Keep it short and sweet. Lengthy emails tend to get deleted
5) Ask easy questions that the prospect needs answers to
6) Highlight the benefits of your service or product to the user
7) Finish with a specific CTA that inspires the action you need

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