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The Usher Group are a family owned business operating in the construction industry. We are one of the largest commercial painting and associated services companies in Australia.

My role is to lead and support our growing team of Sales & Estimating professionals National Sales Manager.

The Usher Group have the fortunate problem of receiving more inbound tendering/quoting opportunities than our team can handle.

One of our largest challenges is qualifying & quantifying opportunities so that we are able to effectively prioritise them into our workflow.

The next biggest challenge is then allocating the time to fostering relationships and converting opportunities (caught up in the cycle of quoting).

1. We had Jack come out and give two workshop presentations at our Sales Retreat in September 20019.

2. Our Team also had monthly training sessions either in person or via Zoom.

3. Our Team were all provided SWISH Academy accounts & each committed to weekly targets for learning and development.

4. We have all just started plugging in to the weekly focus session on a Monday Morning. Have not yet completed the Bootcamp. HIIT Training or 14 Day challenges.

The team was successful but mainly due to existing (company relationships) when we started the training 90% of works came through existing clients.
We have a very diverse team all carrying unique skills, attributes, and characteristics but prior to the commencement of training the main focus or strength was around ESTIMATING (quoting the projects) and the greatest weakness was in SELLING (converting the projects).

Importance of Tonality and using Absolute Language.

Finding creative ways in which you can add value to your customers beyond the individual sale/project.

The importance of taking action and creating habits for an effective sales process – 8 Stages of the perfect Sale.

How to better qualify & Quantify prospects.

Increased Revenue, Reduced sales cycles, ability to overcome objections, generate more revenue

The team has certainly embraced the methodology and have shifted the mindset and culture around sales. But realistically have a long way to go in terms of embodying the skills.

I would say we on the scale of competency as a whole we would be sitting with most people between consciously incompetent & consciously competent (only 1/2 who would be unconsciously competent).

The core values and approach to education really stood out.

The SWISH Academy is an incredible resource for development (if utilised).

Lastly the individuals within the business and their unwavering passion for changing the way people view and learn the art of ‘Sales’.

Both business owners and managerial staff who are looking to elevate their business and outsource the development of their team.

I do though I think the Usher Group are just to get the full return only due to lack of engagement from our end.
I have been guilty of being ‘too busy’ working in the business not on it and pushing the engagement for other leaders and staff or finding ways to hold them accountable to it. I would like to work with Ryan to create a structure for holding the team leaders below me accountable with the training/development so they can then hold their team accountable.

Thank you for investing in us and being able to adapt your training platform to accommodate the unique nature of our business and its people.

We are excited to dig in and continue growing as a team through the SWISH program.

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