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Increased RevenueIncreased Client Retention

CMBM Facility Services provide a full range of property services across Queensland, including commercial cleaning, building maintenance, safety, and facilities management.

As the Director at CMBM, I ensure we are providing the best service possible to our clients. We do this with efficient and effective service delivery, managed by our team of Client Service Managers.

We wanted to empower our Client Service Managers (CSMs) with tools to meet and exceed their targets.

We engaged SWISH for the SWISH ACADEMY and highly recommend this to anyone thinking about wanting to equip and motivate their teams.

Prior to commencing training with SWISH, we found that some of our team lacked confidence in approaching clients to finalise sales and we wanted to address this.

The training created a positive shift in increasing sales for us.

The energy and training style encourages participation from everyone in the room.

We all leave feeling motivated and invigorated – ready to take on new challenges and exceed our targets. 

Increased client retention: The SWISH sessions have shown the team the value of communication with clients.

Increase customer satisfaction: Our managers have a better understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction, and how reputation can make or break a company.

Convert more sales to leads: Our managers have learned the ‘Value of The Follow Up’, including how many times to expect to follow up before a decision is made.

Generate more revenue: Yes!

In general, the team have a good understanding of the entire sales process from end to end which they did not have prior to the engagement of SWISH.

Our return on investment since our training is testimony to the skills and training methods we accessed.

Since engaging the SWISH team, our managers have reported having more confidence in dealing with sales activities. 

The energy and charisma of the SWISH team stood out to us.

We were impressed with Ryan since day one.

His passion, drive, and dedication in assisting our sales team is contagious, in a good way!

We would recommend SWISH services to any organisation wanting to motivate their sales team and get focussed.

The investment in the SWISH methodology is certainly worth the effort.

Our Client Managers are always motivated and ready to exceed their targets following a training session!

Thanks to Ryan.

We’re looking forward to our next session. If you want to motivate your sales team and get focused book SWISH! You won’t look back.

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